Why Networks Work?

We firmly believe in 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 unity yet diversity in the Body. We need each other! We need each person, House Church or Discipleship Group to fulfill the command (love God) and commision (love others) of Christ. In the Network there is friendship, community, and sharing of gifts. There is an encouragement that only comes when we are all together, which brings an equipping that we all bring a part.

Our Vision

To make disciples house to house, we do this by walking out the values of DOVE and also those of the House Church Network.

Our Expectations

  1. Participation in our monthly leaders community gathering. We want to see you, hear from you and pray with you. We need you and we need each other.
  2. We believe that community is key for relationship to grow. We need your gifts and talents to share with the all the leaders.
  3. Financially we believe in tithing. We suggest and encourage each gathering to tithe a percentage to House to House Network.
  4. We believe that living our our values, vision and expectations will enable us to strengthen:
    • Relationship with each other as leaders, disciple makers and kingdom expanders
    • Resources - creating an atmosphere to share and create ideas, resources and prayer.
  5. We believe that having expectations only serves to empower and strength the body of Christ and empower multiplication.


Our Core Values

  • Each gathering meets in a home, but not limited to that venue
  • We believe in the small, and see the benefits of smaller gatherings, but leave room for those who can have larger gatherings.
  • Each gathering has the vision for discipleship making, but each gathering listens to see what the Father is doing in how they make disciples.
  • We value training, learning, and participation. We offer scholarships to the DOVE Leadership School. We also provide training and teaching in the Discipleship Making Movement and Church Planting.
  • We believe in prayer and that the lifestyle of prayer matters. We encourage participation in a monthly zoom prayer time, praying for discipleship movement.
  • We value relationships and know that relationships strengthen individuals and our community gatherings. We help this by having a monthly community gathering for the leaders of House Churches and Discipleship Groups.
  • We believe in networking as we read in Acts, to engage, encourage, empower and equip those called to the lifestyle of House Church and Discipleship Making.

Network Leaders